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  • PPs (Past Performances). Obviously, we use PPs in our preparation, but you are not purchasing PPs.
  • An AI/ML product. We use some of these tools to analyze data for figures, etc. but that's not what you're purchasing.
  • Furthermore, you are not currently purchasing speed figures, or pace figures, or figures of any kind.
  • A this-horse-is-going-to-win product. In fact, its not even a this-horse-is-likely-to-win product. It's more of a contest picks/"I'm not leaving these horses off of my pick-5 ticket" type of product.
  • It's a value identifier that focuses on big prices, put simply.
  • Do you like the idea of playing contests like the NHC Tour or HorseTourneys, but aren't having much success? This may be a useful product for you. Do you find that your multi-race wagers are often ruined by the 15-1 shot in a Maiden Special Weight, or that odd shipper from Woodbine? This product might help. Did your pick-6 turn out a little cheaper than you expected, so you want to throw another horse or two on your ticket? We've got the horse for that.
  • It's a collection (organized by date & track), with detailed explanation, of horses that we believe are either undervalued or significantly undervalued.
  • This will be based on a combination of data/figures as well as trends that we have found to be profitable.
  • Top 5 rookie for the 2021 NHC season, top 100 at the NHC Championship, January 2022. Top-100 not qualified 2023 NHC Tour.
  • In the interest of full disclosure - I have not been doing this for ages, I've been fully ingrained in the game for about 3 years.
  • On rare occassion, there will be a horse that, for whatever reason, just feels like a bad idea to leave off the ticket. The vast majority of the time this is supported by data and a discernable line of reasoning but, every once in awhile, we just have a feeling about a horse. These will be included with the product, but will not be reflected in the cost - put more simply, we don't charge you for those.
  • There will be races that we don't have a strong opinion about. There will also be races where we believe no horse meets the criteria for this product, sometimes several races. This also will be reflected in the price for that card.
  • We're tracking the $2 ROI (which could be misleading, admittedly), as well as the $2 Win-Place average (the same as the NHC and other $2 WP contests), and WPS %. We may add to this.
  • To reiterate - this is not a horse that's going to tell you which horse is going to win the race. It's not going to tell you how to construct your ticket (you don't want that, I promise). It's going to point out horses that should not be as big of a price as they are. It's going to point out interesting pace scenarios that could result in big prices, etc.
  • Your first card is free with sign-up. If you don't like the product, or if it doesn't fit your needs, that's OK! You don't have to buy it. There are no refunds. In the event of a card being canceled due to weather or other circumstance, you will be compensated a race card of equal or lesser value to be used within 30 days.

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